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Ted Moats to Join Jonathan’s Grille and The Rutledge as CFO

Nashville-based restaurants Jonathan’s Grille and The Rutledge welcome former CEO of Logan’s Roadhouse, Ted Moats, as CFO. As the owners, Mason and Curt Revelette, continue to expand both the Jonathan’s Grille and The Rutledge across the Tennessee market and beyond, Moats will be a valuable asset in refining an efficient and profitable growth strategy for the company.

Moats’s experience in the restaurant industry goes hand-in-hand with the business model the Revelettes have built. Moats has an impressive background in both hospitality and commercial finance. Previously, Moats also served as President, Chairman and CEO of Metropolitan Savings Bank of Tennessee, which gives him the unique and valuable experience from a lender’s prospective.

In addition to the commercial finance insight Moats will offer, his in-depth analysis and understanding of internal finances of restaurants will also benefit the company’s growth. Contrary to most restaurant concepts, the Revelettes own all real estate associated with their restaurants. While with Logan’s Roadhouse, Moats was integral in growing the concept from a single establishment to 60 units with 35,000 employees located across 13 states in 7 years. Moats’s ability to build the concept while remaining highly profitable was very appealing to the Revelettes in the process of selecting a CFO.

When asked why Ted was right for the position, owner Mason Revelette responded, “Ted understands that while we want to grow both Jonathan’s and Rutledge concepts, we will never sacrifice quality or culture. I feel like culture is lost when concepts grow too quickly. We want to scale growth and maintain quality and culture. I know Ted will be an invaluable member of our team in that process.”

The Revelettes have exciting plans for growing both Jonathan’s Grille and The Rutledge and look forward to working with Moats as a part of the process.

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